KOSUGI+ANDO installations

Innocent Babies

イ ノ セ ン ト ・ ベ イ ビ ー ズ

Innocent Babie


1995.8.6 ~ 8.13
Fukui Museum of Art・Fukui Midori Library, Fukui

the 6th Fukui International Video Biennale

Cooperation : Takayuki Nitoh (setting), Hiroshi Onishi (video), Saburo Hirano (sound), Yasuto Yura (CG), Kotaro Beppu (data collection)


The participation work of "6th Fukui International Video Biennale". It produced at the request of the "Public Art" department. Fifteen nuclear power plants in Fukui Prefecture at the time used as motifs, and we exhibited at two places, the "Fukui Museum of Art" and the "Fukui Midori Library." The installation titled "burial (future)" in the museum, with 15 iron beds, symbolically shows the future of the nuclear power plant, when they already have been decommissioned and become a monument. Also, "burial" is that of the firefighters who buried in a lead casket at the 1986 "Chernobyl nuclear accident." Blue light occasionally flashes from below the floor, which mimics the graphite-type reactor of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. The installation "library (current)" set up at the landing of the "Midori Library" consists of four iron boxes standing in a line overlooking the reading room, in which monitor the names of the nuclear power plants displayed in order and a display of materials related to the nuclear power plants.

Exhibition video(03:36)

An epitaph of "Oo-i Nuclear Power Plant"
An iron box displaying the theme of the work
Installation "Library (current)" in "Midori Library"

(These pictures were taken by Koishi Nishimura etc.)