KOSUGI+ANDO installations


と は ず が た り



1988.9.13 ~ 9.25
galerie16, Kyoto
ギャラリー 16

既存の物語を解体・再構築し、特異な空間を形作るこれまでの作品群とは異なり、日常生活の中で出会う消費への欲望喚起装置、教育的装置をモチーフに、裏表の二つの部屋に観客を呼び込む。ショーウィンドウ、マネキン、テレビモニター、ビデオカメラ、事務椅子などの日常素材が、そのまま作品内に持ち込まれ、作品要素になっている。この形態は、以降の《PLAY ROOM》、《NINE ROOMS》、《FLASH BACK》などの作品に繋がる。

Unlike the previous works that demolish and reconstruct existing stories to form unique spaces, this work has a motif of the system of stimulating desire for consumption and the educational system encountered in everyday life and Invites the viewer to the two rooms, one on the back and one on the front. Daily materials such as show windows, dummies, TV monitors, video cameras, office chairs, etc. are brought into the room as they are and become this work's elements. This form leads to our artworks, such as "PLAY ROOM," "NINE ROOMS," and "FLASH BACK."

The aspect of passing through the front show window
The aspect of passing through the back show window