KOSUGI+ANDO installations


フ ラ ッ シ ュ バ ッ ク



1990.1.3 ~ 1.28
Gallery Atrium, Fukuoka
Cooperation : Takayuki Nitoh (setting)

回想、予想、そして両者の境界を揺らす「既視感(デジャヴ)」や「フラッシュバック」という心理的な現象がある。作品《FLASH BACK》はそれらの心的過程を、連続する部屋を通過する観客の移動と部屋と部屋をまたぐビデオフィードバックによって生み出そうとする試みである。それは映画的な時間の推移を空間内の歩行によって実現する試みとも言えるかもしれない。この展示は「FLASH BACK シリーズ」の最初の展示であり、モノクロとカラーの部屋を含んだ相似形の四つの部屋が直線状に並ぶ。またモノクロとカラーの部屋の間には合わせ鏡による通路が設置された。総数十数体のマネキンが展示室内部だけでなく、展示室外部の建物内に散在し、相互の干渉を図ろうとした。

There are psychological phenomena such as reminiscence, anticipation, and the feeling of "déjà vu" or "flashback" that shakes the boundaries between the two. The work "FLASH BACK" is an attempt to create those mental processes by the movement of the viewer through consecutive rooms and the video feedback between rooms. It also may be said that this is an attempt to realize a cinematic transition of time by walking in space. This exhibition is the first one of the "FLASH BACK series," with four similar rooms lined up in a straight line, including the monochrome and color room. In addition, a mirrored corridor facing each other installed between the monochrome room and the color one. Dozens of dummies were scattered not only inside the exhibition room but also in the building outside the exhibition room, which caused mutual interference.

Exhibition video(05:49)

Several dummies standing outside of exhibition room
First room
Second monochrome room and Third color room
A corridor with mirrors
Last rooms