KOSUGI+ANDO installations

The Dream of the Forest

森 の 記憶 / 記憶 の 森

The Dream of the Forest


2006.8.13 ~ 9.3
Aomori Contemporary Art Centre[ACAC], Aomori

Summer Art Festival 2006

この展覧会では、旧作の《Hoich - 芳一》(1987)、《Pendulum -振り子》(1995)、《Breathing -呼吸法》(1998)の三作品が新たに改変され再現されると共に、新作《Depth -深度》が展示された。
作品《Hoich - 芳一》は、屈曲する展示空間に合わせて設置された。青森に残る「おやす」伝説や地層に眠る縄文􏰀遺構などからモチーフを得て、作品の最終部を追加し、それら「語られないも􏰀の」へ􏰀の思いが提示される。(参照:《Hoich - 芳一》(1987)) 作品《Pendulum -振り子》では、スライド投影される写真素材を青森の廃校となった小学校の卒業写真に変更。2002年から1928年までの90数枚􏰀の卒業写真が使用された。(参照:《Pendulum -振り子》(1995)) 作品《Breathing -呼吸法》は、従来から使用している「呼吸法テーブル」に加え、映像を床面に大きく投影し、新作《Depth》との空間的連続性を図る。(参照:《Breathing II -呼吸法》(1998)) 新作となる≪Depth -深度≫は、上下昇降するビデオカメラで撮影された会場のリアルタイム映像が、予め撮影された映像と合成され壁面に投影される。観客の姿を映像に取り込みながら、数多くの地層を越えるかのように映像は常に下降し続ける。

In this exhibition, three old works, "Hoichi" (1987), "Pendulum" (1995), and "Breathing" (1998) are newly modified and reproduced, and the new work "Depth" exhibited. The work Hoichi set up following the bending exhibition space. By adding the final part of the work based on the motifs derived from the “Oyasu” legend that remains in Aomori and the “Jomon” remains that lies in the strata, we presented our feelings for those “untold things.” (See the original work "Hoich" (1987) In the work "Pendulum", the slide-projected photo material changed to a graduation photo of a closed elementary school in Aomori. Over 90 graduation photos from 2002 to 1928 used. (See the original work "Pendulum" (1995) In the work Breathing, in addition to the “breathing table” used previously, we aimed to achieve spatial continuity with the new work “Depth” by projecting a large image on the floor. (See the original work "Breathing" (1998) In the new work "Depth", real-time pictures of the venue shot with a video camera that moves up and down were synthesized with the previously shot images and projected onto the wall. While capturing the image of the viewer in the video, the video perpetually descends as if it crossed many strata.
In the context of Aomori, land, and forest that contains “Jomon” ruins and legends in its stratum and the unique and curving exhibition space of this Arts Center, these four works interfere with each other under the themes of “story,” “memory and dreams,” and “circulation of life.”

Exhibition video(04:53)

Hoichi space of mirrors

Hoichi space of folding screen

Hoichi space of folding screen

from Hoichi to Depth


from Depth to Breathing

Breathing floor

Breathing table




plan and texts on the folding screen for "Hoich"

set and system for "Depth"

sequence for "Depth"

system in detail for "Depth"

set and system for "Breathing"

set and system for "Pendulum"


「記憶の森/森の記憶」作品紹介 -text by KOSUGI+ANDO

吉岡洋との対談 -「記憶の森へ」レクチャー (2006.9.3)

青森/国際芸術センター青森レポート -text by 日沼禎子