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息 の め ぐ ら し



Kawamura Memorial DIC Museum of Art, Chiba

Exhibition "The Art of Breathing in the World -Art and Respiration", planned by Kei Kamikanda

川村記念美術館「開館15周年記念『世界の呼吸法』 -アートの呼吸 呼吸のアート」での展示。1998年以降の『呼吸法』の作品シリーズの延長線上にある。コソボ紛争で撃墜されたNATO軍爆撃機、そこから回収されたフライト・レコーダーの映像と音声に触発され、「呼吸」を「人の口から人の口へとめぐる空気の流れ」として、人と人をつなぐという視点から捉え直す。天井の巨大なファンと周囲の壁面に設置された11個の小型ファンが、その影を床や壁面に投げかけながら、回転と静止をゆっくりと繰り返す。部屋の明るさがプロペラの回転と同期して周期的に変化し、波の音、爆撃機の交信音、息づかいの音が観客を包み込む。

This work exhibited at the Kawamura Memorial Museum of Art exhibition titled "15th Anniversary, The Art of Breathing in the World -Art and Respiration". It is an extension of the series of work "Breathing" since 1998. Once, a NATO bomber shot down in Kosovo conflict. Inspired by the video and audio of the flight recorder recovered from it, we reinterpret "breathing" as "the flow of air from one person's mouth to another's mouth" from the perspective of connecting people. A giant-size fan on the ceiling and 11 small fans installed on the surrounding walls throw the shadows on the floor and walls, and slowly rotate and stop. The brightness of the room changes periodically in synchronization with the rotation of the propeller, and the sounds of waves, bomber communications, and breathing envelop the viewers.

Exhibition video(04:53)

Breathing table


plan for "Circulation"

sequence for "Circulation"


作品『Circulation -循環-』について -text by KOSUGI+ANDO

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