KOSUGI+ANDO installations

Circulation II

循 環

Circulation II


2005.11.5 ~ 12.23
Gallery MSSOHKAN, Kobe


Following the Kawamura Memorial Museum of Art exhibition, this work exhibited according to the gallery space. It is similar to the previous exhibition CIRCULATION, a large propeller on the ceiling, and 11 small propellers on the wall repeatedly rotate and stop for about 5 minutes and the brightness of the room changes in synchronization with this rhythm. In addition to it, in this work, two kinds of images (images of walking people and a myriad of scattered words) are projected on the wall when the room is dark. And two monitors at the entrance show footage of a flight recorder recovered from a NATO bomber shot down in the Kosovo conflict and footage of people walking the coast of Bali. (See the work CIRCULATION)

Exhibition video(01:46)


関連作品: BEACON 2015 / Circulation(2005.7)