KOSUGI+ANDO installations


7 枚 の 写 真 か ら



2006.9.22 ~ 10.20
Luceverde・openspace, Matsuyama


There are seven photos on both sides of a black panel in the center of the room. All of them are photos of children, but their clothes and texture of the images show that they are taken at different times, from old to new. Two elevators for the camera installed to sandwich the black panel from both sides, and these seven photographs scanned. The images taken by the two cameras projected side by side on the front wall, and the eyes of the children pointed at the cameras are enlarged to face the viewer.
With two cameras acting on behalf of the “seeing photos,” we revised at seven photos, and at the same time superimposed the motion of the camera up and down. But unknowingly, our act of "seeing" has been reversed by our children to "gaze" at us.

Exhibirion video(02:23)