KOSUGI+ANDO installations

Stolen Bodies II

盗 ま れ た 身 体

Stolen Bodies II


1991.9.14 ~ 10.16
O Art Museum, Tokyo

Exhibition "Digital Sight -Possibility of Digital Art" planned by Kazuo Amano
「Digital Sight -デジタル表現の可能性」展

Cooperation : Takayuki Nitoh (object), Hiroshi Onishi + Hideki Kaneyori (video), Saburo Hirano (sound)

《Stolen Bodies(盗まれた身体)》二回目の展示。デジタル時代のアートの可能性を問う、O美術館企画「Digital Sight -デジタル表現の可能性」展への参加作品。ベッドを囲むアクリルケースに多数の壁面のモニター画面が反射する。
(参照:1991年制作《STOLEN BODIES I》

The second exhibition of "Stolen Bodies". Participating in the exhibition "Digital Sight -Possibility of Digital Art", O Museum, which asks about the possibilities of art in the digital age. A large number of monitor screens on the walls reflected in the acrylic case that surrounds the bed. (See the work STOLEN BODIES I in 1991)