BEACON series

BEACON (1999)

BEACON (1999)

 1999.4.5 ~ 5.8
C Square, art gallery in Chukyo University, Nagoya
中京大学アートギャラリー 「C・スクエア」

Making Rotating Machine : Michihiro Yamano (Biscuit Club)


The first exhibition of the “BEACON series”. This work consists of a labyrinth-like corridor (Room1) using four giant mirrors, along with exhibiting (Room2) that uses a rotating image projection device, named “BEACON (device)”, which is the main display in subsequent exhibitions. The images of the two projectors mounted on the rotating device captured by using a video camera adjusted to the same angle of view as the projector and rotating at the same speed as the projector rotating device. Such devices create the effect of the landscape rising above the wall as if it were a lighthouse (BEACON) that illuminates the darkness. Also, the text “Darkness of Memory” used in posters and leaflets served as a guideline for the subsequent “BEACON series.”

Exhibition video (4:41)


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