KOSUGI+ANDO installations


井 筒



1995.1.13 ~ 1.28
galerie16, Kyoto
ギャラリー 16(京都)

Cooperation : Takayuki Nitoh (setting), Hiroshi Onishi (video), Saburo Hirao (sound)


The third exhibition of the Interface/Eros series with the theme of the interface between humans and machinery/ecological system. It is also in a flow of our works of the 1980s, whose motif is an old existing story. From the story of the Noh song "IZUTU," we focused on the act of "looking into the well and mirroring his/herself on the surface of the water," and constructed the exhibition space inspired by the Noh stage.

Exhibition video(05:16) shot by Ufer!

an iron well (at introduction area) showing the inner room
an iron well (inside the room) showing the Noh mask etc.
lattice-like transparent mirror
Noh mask in front of the mirror
Noh mask in the backside of the mirror

(These pictures were taken by Koichi Nishimura etc.)