KOSUGI+ANDO installations

Transition State

遷 移 状 態

Transition State


2011.10.8 ~ 10.29
CAS, Osaka

Exhibition planning : Eri Muroi

2011年3月の原発事故を受け、神戸「ギャラリー夢創館」で5月に展示した前作《二番目の埋葬 Second Burial》の続編、「対」となる作品として室井絵里の企画により制作・展示された。 遷移状態とは、安定状態から安定状態へと至る途中の過程であり、一種の高エネルギー状態のことをいう。その状態は、「彼ら」(福島第一原子力発電所)をあたかも手なづけているかのような幻想を国民に与える「冷温停止」という政府の言葉の裏面にある状態であり、一見普通の日常が展開する福島市内、そして私たちの身の回りの風景に潜む状態でもある。 作品空間は、約90秒間の「安定状態」と「遷移状態」を持ち、観客を感知して二つの状態を繰り返す。「安定状態」では一つのスクリーンで福島の農村風景が上映されるが、「遷移状態」では二つのスライドプロジェクターがランダムに高速旋回し、激しい機械音と共に部屋全体に福島市内で撮影された写真を投射する。

Affected the nuclear accident in March 2011, it was created and exhibited by the curation of Eri Muroi as a sequel to / or as a pair of the previous work «Second Burial», which was an exhibit in May at Gallery MSSOHKAN in Kobe. "The transition state" is a process on the way from a stable state to a stable state and is a kind of high energy state. The state is the status of behind the government's word of "cold stop", which gives the people an illusion as if “they” (in Fukushima the First Nuclear Power Station) are of being tamed. It is a state of being hidden in the landscape of Fukushima city where seemingly ordinary everyday life continues, and also in the scene around us.
The workspace has a “stable state” and a “transition state” for about 90 seconds, sensing the viewer and repeating the two states. In "Stable state", one screen shows the rural scenery of Fukushima. And In the transition state, two slide projectors randomly swivel at high speed and project photos taken in Fukushima city over the entire room with intense mechanical noise.

Exhibition video(04:47)

(These pictures were taken by Takashi Sasaoka etc.)


plan for Transition State

system for Transition State

sequence for Transition State



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